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Message from the ADTSEA President, Joe Barch 2022-2023

Greetings to all our ADTSEA. members! I trust that you are having a successful start to your Fall sessions and projects. We had a great conference in Vancouver and for those who were able to attend I hope that you returned home safely, refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated. Those of you who were not able to attend, we did miss your energy and colleagueship.  

I do want to thank you all for the great opportunity to serve you as President. As you are well aware, any good leader or teacher serves the mission of the organization and its members. I hope to do my best to serve you well in the upcoming year.  

The past few years we have had many challenges with Covid, including cancelled in-person events and the lack of professional development. We have made it through this difficult past and not only have survived, but we have grown better. Our membership has grown; we have more professional development opportunities, and we are financially stable. Thanks to Dr. William Van Tassel, Bill Warner and the management team of Highway Safety Services we are stronger than we were before Covid.  

This by no means is a signal that we are in the clear. We still will be dealing with Covid. We now have to deal with inflation and the rising costs of goods and services. We still need to find and retain high quality teachers in our profession. As a friend of mine once said "challenges and opportunities" referring to them not as a dichotomy, rather as a whole in which a person can have a possibility for a greater outcome. We have demonstrated this through the last three years.  

So, I challenge you to help make next year's conference in Wichita bigger and better than this year's. That means helping our committees with identifying topics and speakers that are relevant to our needs. To plan now to attend and be present next year. I challenge you to invite quality people to join our profession. I challenge you to invite at least one more new person to join us in Wichita. I challenge you to become more involved in state and regional affiliates. I urge you to share your time, energy and ideas with your Regional Directors. We can only be more successful if all of us work together.  

Again, I wish you the best in your efforts to provide quality driver education to our future drivers and thank you for your support of ADTSEA  


Joe Barch

ADTSEA President