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Honda's Grant Application Window Now Open: September 1st - October 31st

Honda's Grant Application Window Now Open: September 1st - October 31st  

In 2021, Honda provided $2 million in funding for eligible U.S. organizations (including non-profits and public/private schools) to support programs promoting teen driver safety and education. VDI's customer, Maria Tiberi Foundation, was awarded $50K to assist in the purchase of 25 VDI driving simulators to provide Ohio students with a realistic, immersive training experience to reinforce behind-the-wheel instruction.  

The 2022-2023 Honda Traffic Safety pillar awards will be given to programs that promote teen driver safety and education. Specifically, programs targeting pre-permit to post license through education, training and resources that are supplemental and additive to traditional drivers training or mandated state driver's programs. Awards are only available for those near the Honda locations. (Honda dealerships do not qualify as they are independently owned and operated and not owned by Honda.)  

Applications will be accepted through October 31st, 2022 with awards expected to be issued in Spring 2023. For more information about Honda's U.S. grant programs or how to apply, please visit here.

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