Online Driver Ed Course For Your School

Our online driver ed course provides relevant, relateable, and up-to-date content to ensure your students have the most effective and efficient learning experience possible.


ADTSEA's Server:

  • $50 annual membership fee
  • $20 instructor code fee for each course
  • $35/student for a maximum of 25 students
  • ADTSEA enrolls students

Install the Program on Your Server:

  • $50 annual membership fee
  • Upfront one-time fee of $500
  • $20/student
  • ADTSEA does not enroll students

For More Info

Contact Christie Falgione,
ADTSEA Project Coordinator

Online Driver Ed Curriculum Features

The online driver ed curriculum offers the same classroom unit lesson plans and tests contained within traditional classroom curriculum. You can use it as an alternate option to traditional classroom training or as a supplement.

The driver ed course contains printable fact sheets, content, videos, textbook reading assignments, learning activities, worksheets, review questions, and unit tests. Students will have to complete each unit and unit test with 80% accuracy to continue to the next unit.


  • Unit 1: Intro to Novice Driver Responsibilities
  • Unit 2: Getting Acquainted with the Vehicle
  • Unit 3: Understanding Vehicle Control
  • Unit 4: Traffic Control Devices and Laws
  • Unit 5: Vision and Space Management
  • Unit 6: Basic Maneuvers in a Low -Risk Environment
  • Unit 7: Risk Reducing Strategies for Different Driving Environments
  • Unit 8: Sharing the Road with Other Users
  • Unit 9: The Effects of Distractions on Driving
  • Unit 10: Adverse Driving Conditions and Emergencies
  • Unit 11: Impaired Driving
  • Unit 12: The Effects of Fatigue and Emotions on Driving
  • Unit 13: Travel Planning, Loading, Towing and Driving Special Vehicles
  • Unit 14: Tire Safety Unit Tests (1 -14)
  • Final Exam Forms A and B
  • In -Car Skills Lesson Plans (6 lessons)

Textbooks Referenced

  • How to Drive, 14th Edition
  • Drive Right, 11th Edition
  • Responsible Driving, 2006 Edition


  • Supporting video from AAA to meet the objectives
  • Video developed by ADTSEA
  • Reducing Your Risks in the Crash (10 min.)
  • Understanding Car Crashes: Its Basic Physics (14 min.)
  • Look to Live (6 min.)
  • Teens & Trucks (7 min.)
  • Faces of Distracted Driving: Kassy’s Story (3 min.)
  • Be Sensible: Don’t Drive Yourself to Distraction (11 min.)
  • Ashley’s Story (4 min.)
  • Take the Pledge (2 min.)
  • ESP Consumer Video (4 min.)
  • Stomp, Stay, and Steer (5 min.)
  • Recognize, React, Recover (10 min.)
  • Breakin’ Nite (8 min.)
  • Cage the Rage (5 min.)
  • Driving Special Vehicles (4 min.)

Online Driver Ed Curriculum FAQ

Does the student receive their permit or license after completing the course by taking a final exam?

No, the student does not receive their permit or license through ADTSEA after completing the course. They will need to go to their local Department of Motor Vehicles and complete the testing requirements for their state to receive their permit or license.

How long does the course last?

This is up to the instructor. The instructor determines the length of the course as well as when and how long the student can view units or complete quizzes. The instructor can open and close units, activities, and quizzes whenever they want. ADTSEA is simply providing a template. It is up to the instructor to customize the course to their needs.

When does the student meet their instructor if supplementing the classroom instruction with the online program?

It is up to the instructor to determine when they would like to meet with the student. The instructor may want to have a few face-to-face classroom instruction classes first, then complete the online program, and, finally, come back together for the behind-the-wheel portion. The instructor can even continue to complete the classroom instruction and supplement it with the online program by having the students do some of the activities or assignments at home as well.

Does the student receive a certificate from ADTSEA after completion of the course?

ADTSEA does not issue certificates of completion. The driving school may issue a certificate if they wish.

Can someone come to my facility and teach me how to use the online course?

Yes, ADTSEA can provide a two-day course at your facility. The fee is $3,200 plus travel expenses for the trainer. We also provide free online instructor training. As part of the training, you will complete the ADTSEA course by reading the course content and completing the quizzes just as a student would. Then, at the end of the course, you will complete additional units to give you an understanding of how to use the course as an instructor. The training is self-paced, and you can complete it on your own time. Training support will be provided through ADTSEA, as needed, as you complete the online instructor training.