WOW, what a great 2014 Conference. There were over 90+ people in attendance on Saturday. That is the most we can remember being there on the second day in years. What a great job President Jackie Rottler did in bringing in some interesting speakers.

Do not forget to contact by email Randy Thiel to get your verification form for attending the conference. He will email you your form.

I have already heard from some of you, about topics you want covered, not only at the workshops but the conference as well. Do not be shy, let us know what you want. Keep checking on the website for updates.

Remember always carry your driverís license with in the Driver Ed car and make sure your students have their permit with them as well.

Have a great rest of the spring, at least that is what we are supposed to call it.

Dick Bilda, 2014-16 WDTSEA President
Bob Movrich, 2014-16 WDTSEA President Elect