Well, now that the workshops are over, we concentrate on the upcoming 2015 WDSTEA CONFERENCE. It will be held April 17 and 18, 2015 at Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells. Speaking about the workshops, I am a little concerned about the low attendance numbers at a few of the sites. We may have to look at combining one or two of the sites and possibly moving the sites. It really helps if we pre register ahead of time not only so we know how many will attend for various reasons but our speakers would like to know as well. I attended the Southern tour workshops and I know we got a lot of information out of each workshop. I know we have to work with the DMV on a few things especially on the three legally stopping positions at a stop sign controlled intersection, just to name one. We need to get this corrected because what we teach is not what the DMV is doing and this is affecting the students on their road tests.

I sure hope all of you are into the DEC system by now. From everything that I have heard, that once in it really works easy. I know Amber Cunningham has done an outstanding job of working on putting this in place.

I am almost done with the lineup for the Conference and will be putting it on the website as soon as I get confirmation from the speakers. I am also working on a Post Conference Workshop and will let you know as soon as possible.

Some of you have expressed interest in the clothing order and real soon we will have this on the website. You will be able to order right from this list. There will be a few new pieces of clothing on the sheet that I am sure you will like.

Dick Bilda, 2014-16 WDTSEA President bilda3d@hotmail.com