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The following is an excerpt from the newly adopted
NC Driver Education Standard Curriculum Guide.


Driver Education Program

North Carolina Standard Curriculum Guide
Revised July, 2011


June St. Clair Atkinson
Superintendent of North Carolina Public Schools

We are pleased to provide this standard curriculum for use in all Driver Education Programs funded with state funds. As directed in the 2010-11 Special Budget Provision of the NC General Assembly, this curriculum has been developed and is ready for use in the school year beginning in the fall of 2011.

In developing this curriculum document, the NC Department of Public Instruction worked collaboratively with the Highway Safety Institute, UNC-Chapel Hill, East Carolina University, the North Carolina Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association as well as the NC Department of Transportation, Division of Motor Vehicles, the NC State Highway Patrol, and other interested groups. In addition, numerous national, state and local experts, resources and research data and trends were utilized in the design of this curriculum.

This publication is a resource designed to enhance instruction so that each student receives the necessary information to develop knowledge, skills, and the proper attitude to become a safe driver. While the required 30 hours of Driver Education classroom instruction is conducted outside the regular school day, it remains a critical part of the student's learning experience. It is my desire for our students to graduate having received all the necessary education leading them to be healthy and responsible students and successfully prepared for life in the 21st century.

People are much safer traveling our highways today than 20 years ago which is attributed mostly to better highway engineering, enactment and enforcement of traffic safety laws and education. I believe that quality driver education programs will help to insure that this trend continues.

Supporting documents to the Standard Curriculum
PowerPoint slide presentations

special thanks to
Dr. Joe Shrader, Associate Professor
East Carolina University

(new slides 4/12 direct to ECU DE )

Driver Licensing
25 slides
The Driving Task
20 slides
Natural Laws
24 slides
42 slides
Passenger Safety
37 slides
25 slides