I am pleased to forward the recently published Novice Teen Driver Education and Training Administrative Standards. This new document represents the best efforts of professionals from a wide spectrum of interests to provide guidance that will enhance both the uniformity and professionalism of driver education across the Nation.

These administrative standards complete a set of three guidance documents that will assist States in planning and implementing effective driver education systems. Together with the model curriculum developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association in 2005, and the model education standards introduced by the two organizations in 2007, these new administrative standards provide a comprehensive framework for State driver education systems. The framework follows a professional education approach, allowing flexibility for local conditions and efficiency for periodic technical updates, while promoting consistency and quality assurance across programs and among States.

We called on leading experts in the driver education professional community to take on the task of creating these administrative standards – and we look for their assistance in implementing them. Ultimately, it will be the driver education professional community that will play the key role in promoting and implementing the standards. The driver education state administrators, teachers (both private and public), curriculum developers, researchers, school owners, and association members must recognize the importance of agreeing on common principles in order to move forward.

NHTSA will help. We will encourage the highway safety community to promote these standards and to support efforts to maintain, upgrade and expand their State driver education system. NHTSA will also take part in efforts to bring the wide spectrum of driver education professionals and organizations together to coordinate uniform delivery of driver education and acceptance of professional standards.

NHTSA supported the development of this document, but these standards are not NHTSA’s creation. They represent the best thinking of the driver education community. As a highway safety professional, you can play an important role in implementing these standards and improving driver education systems across the nation. I thank you in advance for your efforts.

Brian McLaughlin, Senior Associate Administrator
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration